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My Macintosh history:

• Macintosh IIsi
• Performa 630
• Motorola Starmax 3200
• Powerbook Duo 2300c
• iBook G3 clamshell
• PowerMac G4 graphite
• iBook G4 12"
• Mac mini G4
• PowerMac G5
• MacBook IC2D
• Mac Pro 2007
• Mac Mini 2010
• MacBook Pro 15"
• Apple TV 2 & 3
What's an ACSA?

Apple Certified System Administrator is the highest qualification currently certified by Apple.

The exams I have taken cover every aspect of Macintosh OS X 10.5 systems, from specification and deployment, to maintenance, troubleshooting, networking, server configuration and integration within larger networks.

You can have confidence that I actually DO know what I'm doing!
My name is Daren and I have been using Apple Macintosh systems since 1992 when I was first introduced to them during my Art & Design studies in Portsmouth.

My first Mac in 1993 was a Macintosh IIsi with a stonking 20MHz processor, 4MB RAM, 80MB hard disk and System 7. It was enough to get me hooked.

From 1997 I spent 10 years working as a technician at Southampton Solent University where I developed and supported the Design Faculty’s suites of Macintosh computers, and this is where Mac Woes was born - to support students who had Macs at home and needed help.

I moved to Basingstoke in 2007 and have been employed as a Field Engineer by two local Apple Solutions Providers where my expertise was developed and put to use all over the south of England, and even as far north as Halifax. My skills have been widened to include installation and configuration of Mail servers, RAIDs, backup solutions and Directory systems.

Since being made redundant in 2009, I decided to make my abilities available to anyone who needs them and go fully freelance under the Mac Woes name.